Save the safety net

The welfare safety net is among the most precious things we have.

In the 1930s there was terrible poverty and need (described by George Orwell in The Road to Wigan Pier). After the war the Labour government looked this in the face and they gave us the welfare state. The NHS gave us cradle to grave health care and the welfare state ensured that never again would anyone fall into poverty and destitution. They gave us a safety net.

But in the last decade that safety net has been shredded to the point that it is now so full of holes is hardly exists.

The Mirror has retraced Orwell’s steps to Wigan Pier and they say that
the safety net has fallen to pieces and is failing us.

Pat’s Petition was set up in 2010 because we could see the impact of the cuts that were coming. We asked the government for a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) of the cuts that were coming on sick and disabled people and carers.

The government never did do a CIA for us but Prospect have now done one. And the Prospect report shows the same thing. The safety net has gone.

So should we look to this government to replace it? Who is in charge of this? It’s Esther McVey.

We have been here before with Esther McVey and we don’t think she will help us. So it’s still up to us.

We need to campaign to mend the safety net so life is once again safe and secure for sick and disabled people and their carers – and that is what Pat’s Petition are doing here.