Update – February 2016

Back in 2012, we thought we would be able to use this site to archive the news materials we were sent – we didn’t anticipate what a huge job that would be and we soon realised that we didn’t have the capacity or energies to keep up with the stream of difficult news.

We might post more stories here, but for now we’re leaving this as an older list of the news of 2012.

Empty words don’t fund a full life for disabled people

Piece by Francesca Martinez on the Independent:

When David Cameron made his comments at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics, I admit I felt a bit sick. His talk about the “inspirational” athletes while the Government carefully erodes the welfare system that helped many of the same athletes to achieve their dreams was pure hypocrisy. Nobody is more pleased than I am at the impact the Paralympics appear to be having. Eyes are being opened, attitudes hopefully shifted and great sport enjoyed. For once, diversity is fully visible in the media, and this is fantastic as it has the power to help to normalise difference. Disability is normal and the more we can accept it as a natural part of life, the more we can move beyond divisive labels and realise that we are all one group, sharing one planet.

The Paralympics provide the perfect opportunity for the Government to praise the human qualities of the Paralympians. But it is undeniable that government targeting of disabled people in the cuts, together with much of the right-wing press’s customary (but not at the moment, you understand) portrayal of disabled people as benefit cheats and drains on society, are proving a deadly cocktail. Disability hate crime is at record levels, with up to 100,000 estimated incidents per year. People with serious conditions such as cancer or heart disease, or who require morphine every day, are being told that they are “fit to work”. Disabled and sick people are being forced to endure lengthy appeals to claw back benefits that go towards essential costs. Suicides and deaths are increasing because crucial help is being withdrawn.

Full article on the Independent

Experts Say Landmark Judgement Will Stop Benefit System Discriminating Against Disabled

Experts Say Landmark Judgement Will Stop Benefit System Discriminating Against Disabled

 Leading Lawyer Says Court of Appeal Ruling Confirms Government Has to Give Special Provision To Disabled People So That Human Rights Are Not Breached 

Experts at Irwin Mitchell have welcomed a landmark judgement handed down at the Court of Appeal today which they say sets out clear guidance to ensure that disabled people are not discriminated against by the Government’s benefit system.

Three families challenged the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (DWP) which stated that local authorities could not provide housing benefit for extra bedrooms needed by four young disabled people who were living in private rented accommodation.

Read more on DPAC’s website

Doctors warn austerity is damaging patients’ health

The Deep End group of GPs, representing 360 doctors in 100 practices, said job losses, welfare reform and cuts to social services were all affecting the health of their patients.

The 100 Deep End group of general practices that serves the most socio-economically deprived areas of the country was set up in 2009. It is backed financially by the Scottish Government.

In a new report, the group says austerity measures are causing increased distress and poverty among their patients, and an increased workload for family doctors.


Read more in The Herald, Scotland – at http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/health/doctors-warn-austerity-is-damaging-patients-health.17595860