Cutting PIP in the Budget is dangerous – PIP keeps the lights on for sick and disabled people

The Chancellor is cutting PIP in the budget. This is supposed to be disabled people’s contribution to cutting the deficit.

PIP is a Personal Independence Payment given to sick and disabled people to cover the extra costs of disability. Points are awarded for the costs of different kinds of aids and appliances. The Chancellor is juggling the points and getting a massive saving.

But no PIP points are added for the greatest, most enduring and significant extra cost of disability. No points are added for the fact that you will possibly or probably spend many years of your adult life unable to work. And before you say the only way out of poverty is work – see Dead Parrot Campaign.

Being out of work for many years is the real massive extra cost of disability. This is what destroys any hope of financial security.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is supposed to be your replacement income if you can’t work. For some people it is slightly higher than Job Seekers Allowance. ESA might help you through a temporary period of unemployment while you draw down savings. No one could possibly imagine that you could live on it for a long, perhaps indefinite, period of time.

So PIP saves you. It is meant to be spent on aids and appliances but for many people it is the only thing that keeps the lights on – it keeps body and soul together.

Cutting PIP to reduce the deficit is beyond cruel. It is dangerous.

6 thoughts on “Cutting PIP in the Budget is dangerous – PIP keeps the lights on for sick and disabled people

  1. I’ve been unemployed for over eight years: it’s not just disability but an eight year gap means no work history or references, and I need support just to be able to job search – there’s no support for people like me so there’s no way into employment again, it seems I’ll never work again.

    It took a few attempts for me to get ESA because being Autistic the assessment doesn’t even seem to recognize neurological conditions or how they can vary day-to-day, I’m over-due for re-assessment and terrified they’ll find me fit-for-work again so I’ll have to re-apply for ESA at a lower rate. I fail to meet basic requirements for JSA so for me it’s ESA-WRAG or nothing.

    I attempted to apply for PIP, after years of being told I wasn’t eligible finally someone told me I might be able to get PIP due to my disability and because it could help me pay for the assistive technology I need (of course, they don’t recognize my disability or why I need my technology). I was denied PIP and without knowing anything about how to appeal or being able to go to the appeal in person on my own I was denied PIP too. Seems with new changes I’ll never get PIP.

    No employment.
    No PIP.
    No JSA…
    ..potentially no ESA or lower ESA.

    There have been SO MANY ATTACKS against disabled people, I consider myself lucky compared to other disabled people in that I’m not too severe…it makes me weep knowing how many other disabled people are going to be left without independence or worse.

  2. PIP – supposedly to help pay for aids and adaptations, but – if you need to use aids and adaptations, you lose points in your application! How does that work then? I’ve not had my letter to apply for PIP yet, (I’m currently on indefinite DLA), but the more the goalposts are moved the more I’m going to suffer for it. Even now, they are changing the criteria for applying, so I and others like me, are on a hiding to nothing

  3. The Chancellor was heard to say this morning that the idea of cutting “Was to be able to give disabled people ‘in need” extra assistance” My question! Has any one on here received any extra assistance or do they know of anyone who has received any extra assistance over and above the published figures for PIP?

    This is cruelty of the highest order to rip of the poorest to attempt to;
    Lure the middle income rich into staying in Europe
    The ultra rich being given a huge tax bonus by way of a thank you for their backing for the Tories.

    One has to ask how they sleep at night, well you people who came out against the tax credit cuts, WE the Disabled need you NOW!
    THIS is literally a matter of LIFE and DEATH or HEAT and EAT, SOCIALISE or MARGINALISE!

    Please don’t let us down!!!

  4. I am previously challenging the change from DLAto PIP and the indefinite claim and wanting it to stay attached my petition is at please support this now at over 16,000 signatures. Thanks.

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