Ekklesia: labour market realities

Bernadette Meaden has written about the campaign in a piece for Ekklesia: Time to accept labour market realities for sick and disabled people

Bernadette described the current government discussions about cutting ESA:

“In the real world, in a real jobs market, the government’s current policy of cutting ESA to encourage disabled people to find a job is akin to throwing everybody out of an aircraft whilst thinking about ordering a few parachutes.”

For our related statement see ESA is a dead parrot

Update – February 2016

Back in 2012, we thought we would be able to use this site to archive the news materials we were sent – we didn’t anticipate what a huge job that would be and we soon realised that we didn’t have the capacity or energies to keep up with the stream of difficult news.

We might post more stories here, but for now we’re leaving this as an older list of the news of 2012.